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Last Update: 11/07/2017
Map:  dipsea trail 2Dipsea Trail Profile & Map
Brazing Racing Map: Double Dipsea
NOTE: TICK BLOOM – We were informed of a ‘tick bloom’ on Mt. Tam, in late April 2016. If your assignment takes anywhere where you might be at risk, PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS!
Date: Saturday June 16, 2018 About 05:30 – 13:30  NOTE: Hours are Changed in 2017!
Activity Description: Communications support for The Double Dipsea, an annual trail run event that starts and finishes at Stinson Beach.  Around 800 participants run from Stinson Beach over Mt. Tamalpais to Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, and back over the same course to Stinson Beach, about 14 miles of steep terrain.  This event has a staggered start according to age and gender.  NOTE: Some slow-moving, un-official participants may be on the trail before the event officially starts. The permit in 2017, moves the start time, forward earlier.
What will be expected: Hams staff fixed locations along the trail.  Monitor and report the first participants by bib number through a location (in each direction), and monitor the last participants progress. Report any participants who need assistance or who drop out.   Please supply your t-shirt size, when signing up. See: Double Dipsea Station Locations  NOTE: Hours are Changed in 2017.
Hams required: 10 – 15  Volunteers
On-The-Air Briefing Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 19:30, on the 146.700 MHz Repeater Please send after-event comments to: DEBRIEF
Double Dipsea Station Locations
Duty Assignments 2017:
Assignment / Location / Tactical Operator Call Sign Start Time End Time T-Shirt
Stinson Beach Start / Finish  NOTE: Hours are Changed in 2017! OPEN  OPEN 06:30 14:00  2XL
OPEN  OPEN 06:30 14:00  XL
Doug Slusher  KF6AKU 06:30 10:30  2XL
Larry Bradley  KK6QPE 06:30 10:30  L
Jeff Young  KM6Y 10:00 14:00  L
Ed Essick  K6ELE 10:00 14:00  L
Hiker One  WINDY GAP – MUIR  WOODS RT Jim Greene  KG6RZQ 07:30 11:30  L
Hiker Two CARDIAC – WHITE GATE RT Rob Rowlands  NZ6J 07:00 13:30  XL
White Gate / Insult Hill (Early) David Goodman  W9FOG 6:45 10:00  L
White Gate / Insult Hill (Late) Rob Ireson  K6RGI 09:30 12:45  2XL
Cardiac Hill  NOTE: Hours are Changed in 2017.  Michael Fisher  K6MLF 07:00 12:00  M
 Ann Shores  KM6EVK 07:00 12:00  M
OPEN  OPEN 06:15 13:00
Muir Woods Brett Stewart  K6BPS 07:30 12:30  3XL
David Chaney  AA6AE 07:30 12:30  XL
Windy Gap Don Engler  KI6MPE 07:30 12:15  L
Texx Woodworth  KG6ATH 07:30 12:15  M
Old Mill Park (Mill Valley)[Early] NOTE: Hours are Changed in 2017.  OPEN  OPEN 07:00 10:00
 OPEN  OPEN 07:00 10:00
Old Mill Park (Mill Valley)[Late]  NOTE: Hours are Changed in 2017. Randy Jenkins  KA6BQF 07:30 11:00  XL
Rita Brenden  KG6WPN 07:30 11:00  XL
Comm Van Driver Rob Rowlands  NZ6J 05:30 14:00
Cross Band & APRS Honcho OPEN  OPEN 05:30 13:30
Reserve OPEN
Reserve OPEN
DD Volunteer OPEN
Primary VHF Repeater 147.330+ MHz PL 179.9 Mt. Tam West K6GWE
Alternate VHF 146.700- MHz PL 179.9 Mt. Tam K6GWE
Backup VHF 146.700- MHz PL 203.5 Big Rock K6GWE
Backup VHF 146.700- MHz PL 167.95 Barnabe K6GWE
Alternate UHF 443.250+ MHz PL 179.9 Mt. Tam K6GWE
Tactical (Local Traffic) 147.555 or 147.520 Simplex
Steep Ravine Crossband 439.875 MHz  Simplex PL 179.9   (If Used)
Approximate Location of Aid Stations Insult Hill / White Gate – Mile 1 OutBound Cardiac Hill – Mile 3 Outbound Muir Woods – Mile 5 OutBound Old Mill Park – Mile 6.85 Turnaround Muir Woods – Mile 6.8 Inbound Cardiac Hill – Mile 10.6 Inbound Insult Hill / White Gate – Mile 12.7 Inbound
Shortcuts Unfortunately, this race does not have an open course. The shortcuts used in the past have been banned by the National Park Service and State Parks for five years. Double Dipsea runners are required to stay on the marked course at all times. Participants who take shortcuts will be disqualified, removed from the results, and deemed ineligible for participation in future Double Dipsea events. This is not a rule created by the DSE Runners or by Brazen Racing, but compliance is necessary for the future for the race and so we must enforce it.
Please contact me ASAP with any reassignments necessary.  Rob Rowlands, NZ6J
Please use and respond to your tactical designator. Use your FCC call-sign at the end of each series of transmissions.
Thank you for volunteering and have a fun day. Rob, NZ6J  (650) 866-9078
Please keep track of and relay to Double Dipsea Net Control:

  • The numbers of the first five runners through your location (both ways)
  • The number of anyone who requires medical attention and their disposition.
  • The numbers of anyone who drops out at your location and whether they need transportation (we will try). Please report when the runner is picked up and who is providing transportation.
  • The numbers and times of the last runners departing your location.
Please remember radios, batteries, paper, writing instrument, appropriate clothing for the weather changes, hat, sunscreen, water, food, etc.

Double Dipsea Additional Information

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