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Updated: 09/23/2017


Apply for an FRN   NOTE: If you hold a FCC license in any service you already have an FRN.
FCC Amateur Radio website
FCC License Renewal Information
How to Get a Copy of Your License
How to Get a Vanity Call Sign
How to Cancel a Deceased Licensee’s License
FCC ULS Database 
FCC ULS License Search
Examination Element Credit  Effective beginning in 2014, SOME former licensees get credit for past test elements that they passed. Click in the link.
QRZ Call Sign Database
Sunnyvale VEC ARC

NCVEC & ARRL Licensing Forms

NCVEC 605 Form 2017 UPDATED   On or After August 21, 2017, you must use an UPDATED form.   This Form Can ONLY Be Submitted at a VE Session. FCC rules require an applicant to answer the’ felony’ question.  The FCC is free to dismiss (reject) an incomplete form, without any notice to the applicant. **  Fee Free to submit for renewal for current ARRL members, at an ARRL-VEC sponsored session. (Like ours.)  NO OTHER PURPOSE IS FEE FREE!   Please bring your ARRL membership card, or a current QST that shows your membership expiration date (we have to attach your membership number to the application, to be fee free)**. [VE Session fee will be charged, for Non-ARRL members,or to ARRL members, if they do not bring proof-of-ARRL-membership.]

RF SAFETY INFO -  NCVEC 650 Additional Information Form

ARRL Club 605C-2017 Sept UPDATED Club Call Sign Renewal Form   You must submit this form to Club Call Sign Administrator. (Like the ARRL-VEC.)

FCC Licensing Forms

You can renew online (at-no-cost), make administrative updates (ie: update your address), on the FCC’s ULS website , by logging-in to the website. (You will need your FRN and your password, to log-in.)

NOTE: The FCC has updated their Form 605. If you choose to mail in an application, be sure you, you mail in an up-to-date Form 605.  The FCC can reject (dismiss) an out-of-date, or an incomplete Form.
NOTE: If you choose to submit a paper application to the FCC to renew, or for another purpose, you MUST submit their forms [FCC Forms 605 & 605d]. PLEASE be sure that it is mailed in time to be received by the FCC in time to be processed. Normally, the FCC takes about 14 business days, to process a mailed-in application.  (Postmarks DO NOT COUNT!)  If your license is about to expire, remember, YOU MUST NOT transmit with an expired license!
[Remember: The two-year grace period, for renewing your license without taking another exam, runs 730 days.]

605_Main_Form_September_2017, FCC Form 605 Paper Application, if submitting by mail. See the Supplemental Application below. (You will need to submit both forms if you are submitting by mail.) [Same forms are used for applying a Vanity Call.]
605_Schedule_D_September_2017, FCC FORM 605D Supplemental Application for Amateurs Filing on Paper, if you are submitting by mail.

Updated FCC Form 605 Instructions 2017
Applicant Info Qualification Question 2017



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What to Bring to an Exam Session

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MARS’ Education Page
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PIC Elmer 160 Course 
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AA9PW Practice Tests Practice Tests Practice Tests – Practice exam system sponsored by Icom.
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ARRL Resources for License Instruction



ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Support Page
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