The Marin Amateur Radio Society accepts
PayPal Acceptance Mark You do not need to have a PayPal account, all you need is a credit card. To pay with a credit card, when you get to the Checkout page, click the "Don't have a PayPal account" link to enter your credit card information.

Please take a moment to consider donating to the Marin Amateur Society. You may direct your donation to specific activities of the club. You may choose the amount you wish to donate. We are a 501(c).3 charitable organization so donations are tax deductable.

Building Fund. This fund is used to repair and improve our beautiful and historic Club house at 27 Shell Road, Mill Valley, California.

Repeater Fund. This fund is used to repair and improve our repeaters. Whis this fund we can plan siginficant upgrades to our hardware.

Chet Rice Club Station Fund. This fund is used to upgrade our club station.

Public Service Fund. We have a long tradation of providing communications for community events. In 2012 we created this fund to support our public service activities. This may include such items as a mobile repeater, GPS trackers, the Com Truck, supplies used at events, etc.

General Fund. This fund is used to support all operations of the club.