Why? How?


Becoming an amateur radio operator is an excellent way to learn more about electronic communications.  This includes mature technology such as analog voice communication to cutting edge digital data communications.  There are also opportunities for  amateur radio operators to work with local government agencies to provide assistance during civil emergencies. Radio Society of Great Britain Video


Amateur radio operators are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).    The FCC has created the Volunteer Examinator Coordinator (VEC) system to provide license testing for prospective radio amateurs.  Volunteer Examiners (VEs) groups around the country regularly hold testing sessions for all classes of licenses.

The Marin Amateur Radio Society holds several classes a year for those interested in obtaining a amateur radio license. Click here for the latest class schedule.

Marin Amateur Radio Society sponsors a group of Volunteer Examiners that schedules examinations at our clubhouse.   The sessions are overseen by certified Volunteer Examiners.  Click here for the latest testing schedule.