Club Awards

Public Service Honor Roll – Recognition for hams who volunteer for one or more of our Public Service Events. One star is awarded for each event worked. This is available to members and non-members.  2015  Public Service Honor Roll

Ham-of-the-Year - Any member may be nominated for this annual award, except for currently serving directors. Nominations may be made by any previous awardee. Previous years awardees discuss the nominees, reach consensus, and make a recommendation to the Club President. Previous awardees shall be ineligible to receive this award for a period of ten years from their previous award. It is normally awarded to members who have participated in and/or enhanced club activities. (Some years we have neglected to award this honor.)  Page updated: 08/12/2017

Year Name Call Sign
2017 TBD
2016 Mike Ransom  AI6II
2015 Rob Rowlands NZ6J
2014 Steven Fischer K6ETA
2013 Stanton Gleason KD6SWU
2012 Michael Fischer K6MLF
2011 Phil Dunlap K6PHD
2010 - -
2009 - -
2008 - -
2007 Dan Dufficy KH8AF
2006 Doug Slusher KF6AKU
2005 Randy Jenkins KA6BQF
2004 Connie Sawtelle AE6PA
2003 Chuck Deatrick WA6SQQ SK
2002 Ed Karl K0KL
2001 Alan Best K6AJB
2000 Peter Wolford N6IYU  SK
Rich Carbine W6UDS
1998 Jackson Sauers W6JRI  SK
Stuart Dake AC6GD
Chet Rice WA6PAC SK

Hi Roberts Award - This award is made to individuals who have been of exceptional service to the Marin Amateur Radio Society, and who exhibit a high degree of the spirit embodied in the club’s founding purposes. Nominations may be made to the Club President, who decides on the award. This award need not be awarded annually.  This award was created in 2011, and is named in memory of Harold (Hi) Roberts, KO6LS.

Year Name Call Sign
2016 Randy Jenkins  KA6BQF
2015 Doug Slusher KF6AKU
2014 Craig Mirkin KG6VMT
2013 Dan Dufficy KH8AF
2012 Alan Best K6AJB
2011 Mathew Schallock K6OHD

John Butler ‘Elmer’ Award - This award is made to members who have been exceptional mentors to other club members, especially as it relates to the art and science of radio and technical matters.  Nominations may be made to the Club President, who makes decides on the award. This award need not be awarded annually.  The award was created in 2015, and is named in memory of John Butler, KF6GNI.

Year Name Call Sign
2016 Kris Backenstose KK6AYC
2015 Mike Ransom AI6II
2014 John Butler KF6GNI SK

Honorary Membership - As specified in Article 12, Section 4 of the By-Laws – Awarded to nonmembers who have rendered distinguished service to Marin Amateur Radio Club. Honorary membership shall be offered and continued at the discretion of the Board of Directors and be approved by the majority of the voting members present at a regular board meeting. Honorary members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office.

Year Name Call Sign
2014 – 2017 Steve Toquinto KB6HOH

Life Membership – As specified in Article 12, Section 4 of the By-Laws – Life membership may be conferred as an honor on any member who has served the Marin Amateur Radio Society in an exemplary fashion. A majority vote of the membership at an annual meeting at which a quorum is present can confer this honor on any regular member. Life members shall be entitled to vote and/or hold office and are exempt from paying dues. This honor may be granted in conjunction with other awards or alone.

Year Name Call Sign
2017 Randy Jenkins KA6BQF
2015 Herb Drake N6QE
2012 Alan Best K6AJB
2007 Dan Dufficy KH8AF
2000 Rich Carbine W6UDS
1998 Stuart Dake AC6GD
Jackson Sauers W6JRI SK
Harry Gilbert N6IT