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Safety Session

Next class is September 5th, 2018

We offer a series of workshops intended to address what you need to earn your amateur radio license from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). If you take one of our license classes, and pass your examination to obtain a new license grant or upgrade your license, we offer a complementary membership in The Marin Amateur Radio Society for one year.

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What will we learn?

The Technician Class Amateur Radio License is the entry level license, and passing the Element 2 exam is a prerequisite to be issued a new FCC issued Amateur license.  Subjects covered on the Technician exam include basic electrical theory, radio wave and propagation theory, basic operating practices, FCC rules and regulations, and safety. This is also the license class examination that is required to be passed for re-entering amateur licensees to reclaim some of the privileges that the previous license granted. See: Exam Element Credit for more information. It is NOT an instant restoration of privileges. The Element 2 Exam is a proctored 35 Question multiple-choice test. There is a multiple-choice question proctored examination (Element 2) that must be passed in order for the FCC to issue you a new license. There are two classes of amateur license that can be held by licensees who earned them in he past, the Novice and Advanced class licenses, with different privileges.  Holders can renew these licenses and maintain their current privileges, but no new licenses of these classes are being issued by the FCC. Although, theoretically, one can pass examination elements in any order, the FCC requires passage of Element 2 before any new license grant can be issued. If you pass a higher element, you will be issued a CSCE ( Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination) that expires 365 days after it is issued. We recommend that you progress in order. (Some people have passed all three current exams at one session.)  If you renew you license grant every ten years, you will not have to retested, under the current rules.Additional Resources

  • ARRL License Preparation  This webpage, provided by the leading Amateur Radio organization, offers what are probably the best learning materials for becoming a ham.
  • Exam Questions (ARRL)   All possible exam questions and answers.
  • - Practice exam system sponsored by Icom.