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2018 Field Day Site, Marin Rod & Club, 2675 E Francisco Blvd San Rafael, CA 94901 Click on link to see map.


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Date: Saturday 23 June and Sunday 24 June, 2018   (Field Day is always held the fourth full weekend in June) COMPLETED 2017
Websites: ARRL Field Day Web Site Redwood Empire DX Association
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Activity Description: Operating Event  -  Field Day is an operating event. It is an exercise / contest where hams set up “emergency” stations in field locations. Over a 24 hour period they try to contact other similar stations. For many years MARS has partnered with the Redwood Empire DX Association. In 2012 we placed 35th in the nation overall and 5th in the nation in our category. Field Day is our most well attended contest and it is lots of fun. We do Field Day in conjunction with the Redwood Empire DX Association. The site will be changed in 2018, back to Marin Rod & Gun Club at the western foot of Richmond – San Rafael Bridge .
What will be expected: Setup begins on Friday 22 June when we roll out the generator, cables, hoist antennas, get stations ready to operate. You will sign up for setup, support, tear-down, or to operate one or more shifts on a specific rig. Typically we use teams of two, one calling and the other the logging. Logging is done using software so neat handwriting is not a necessity. Operating begins on Saturday at 11:00 PDT, and ends 24 hours later on Sunday at 11:00 PDT and then we strike all the equipment. This year, because of a different site, we will need lots of help at setup and tear-down.
Duty Assignments:
Prep Get Supplies Ready
Load up at clubhouse Friday morning
Set up at Site on Friday  11:00 AM – 5PM
Food Friday  Lunch ,  Dinner TBD
SECURITY Friday Overnight
Finish set up on Saturday   7:00AM – 11:00AM
Facilities Support Generator, Infrastructure
Operate  HF-CW  ,  HF-Voice,  GOTA,  VHF   Shifts from  11:00 AM Saturday through 11:00AM Sunday
Food – Friday Lunch
Food - Saturday  Lunch ,  Dinner
Food - Sunday   Breakfast
Tear Down Sunday  11:00 AM – 2:00PM
Un-load at clubhouse  Sunday 2:00PM – 4:00PM
Put Away Supplies at Clubhouse
Primary Frequency:  146.700 MHz Simulcast System
Secondary Frequency:  443.250 MHz Tam UHF  PL 179.9
Tactical: 147.33 MHz Tam West Peak PL 179.9

To sign up as a radio volunteer for this event contact us click here, or please send an e-mail with your preferred assignment and the times you are available to: Doug, KF6AKU (927-8120) .

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