The Dipsea Race

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NOTE: TICK BLOOM – We were informed of a ‘tick bloom’ on Mt. Tam, in April 2016. If your assignment takes anywhere where you might be at risk, PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS!
Date: Sunday June 11, 2017
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Activity Description: Communications support for The Dipsea Race, an annual 7.4 mile trail run from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, over Mt. Tamalpais. 1,500 runners participate, with staggered starts according to age and gender. First run in 1905, The Dipsea is the oldest trail run in America.  MARS has supported this event for decades, It’s a tradition!
What will be expected: Hams staff fixed locations along the trail.  Some locations require hiking in. Volunteers need to be in place prior to race start; 8:00AM at most locations, 7:00 AM at Stinson Beach, 7:30 AM in Mill Valley. Monitor and report in real time the first 10 runners by bib number, report the first female runner.  Track the numbers of the last runners through a location. Report any participants who need assistance. Ham equipped trail sweeps are welcomed.  Assist run staff as needed.  Please supply your t-shirt size, when signing up. See: Dipsea Station Locations
MARS Organizer: Randy Jenkins, KA6BQF
On-The-Air Briefing Thursday, June 08, 2017 at 19:30, on the 146.700 MHz Repeater System Roll-Call and Answer Questions
Please send after-event comments to: DEBRIEF
Dipsea Station Locations
2016 Duty Assignments:
Assignment / Location / Tactical Operator Call Sign Start Time End Time
Mill Valley / /Start Michael Fischer  K6MLF 07:00 10:00
Mill Valley / /Start Dale Komai  KK6ZOE 07:00 10:00
Windy Gap Dave Hodgson  KG6TCJ 07:30 10:30
Muir Woods Jerry Foster  WA6BXV 07:30 11:00
Muir Woods Marty Brenneis  KC6YYP 07:30 11:00
Deer Park Texx Woodworth  KG6ATH 07:30 11:30
Cardiac Hill Stanton Gleason  KD6SWU 07:30 12:00
Cardiac Hill Steve Ohr  KK6DPW 07:30 12:00
SAG DRIVER Marty Brenneis  KC6YYP 11:00 13:00
Top of Swoop Rob Rowlands  NZ6J 07:30 12:00
Steep Ravine (Top of Stairs) Jim Greene KG6ZRQ 07:30 12:15
Steep Ravine (Bridge) Randy Jenkins KA6BQF 07:30 12:30
White Gate Brett Stewart  K6BPS 08:30 12:30
White Gate David Chaney  AA6AE 08:30 12:30
White Gate Rita Brenden KG6WPN 07:00 12:30
Panoramic and HWY 1 Rob Ireson  K6RGI 08:00 12:30
Panoramic and HWY 1 Don Engler KI6MPE 08:00 12:30
Stinson Beach / Finish Don Magdanz  KI6MZX 07:30 11:30
Stinson Beach / Lost & Found (After Finish) Don Magdanz  KI6MZX 11:30 13:00
Stinson Beach / Medical Tent Walt Ferris  N6ABR 07:30 13:00
Stinson Beach Net Doug Slusher  KF6AKU 07:00 13:00
Stinson Beach Net John Boyd  KE6ORI 07:00 13:00
Stinson Beach Net Isaac Bentley  NB6F 07:00 13:00
Radio Hiker Michael Sexton KJ6NDJ 07:00 13:00
Primary VHF Repeater: 147.330 MHz + PL 179.9 Mt. Tam West
Alternate  VHF Frequency: 146.700 MHz - PL 179.9 Mt. Tamalpais
Alternate VHF Input: 146.700 MHz - PL 203.5 Big Rock
Alternate VHF Input: 146.700 MHz - PL 167.9 Mt. Barnabe
Alternate Frequency: 443.250 MHz + PL 179.9 Mt Tamalpais
Simplex: 147.555 MHz  or 147.520 MHz
Steep Ravine Cross Band: 439.875 MHz PL 179.9 (links to primary) Located at White Gate

To Sign Up as a Radio Volunteer Contact:  Randy  or Michael

Updated:  10/27/2016

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