NCVEC Form 605 & FCC Form 605 Will Be Updated


The form NCVEC 605 and FCC form 605 will be updated (Federal requirement) to include a statement (check box) that the applicant has never been convicted of any felony.

VE Teams should dispose of (throw away or recycle) all previous versions on or after August 20, 2017; do not return them to ARRL VEC. Current NCVEC 605 Form Updated 2017 (Must be used after 8/21/2017).

If the answer to the basic qualification question (felony question) is ‘YES’,  submit as an exhibit a statement explaining the circumstances. The application will be off-lined (held) for a basic qualification review which FCC already does for other radio license services. The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s Mobility Division stated that the fact that an applicant answers ‘YES’ doesn’t mean they will be denied a license.  Applicant Info Qualification Question 2017

Furthermore, applicants are required to answer the question only if they are filing NCVEC Form 605 or FCC Form 605 for one of the following purposes indicated: New, Amendment, Modification (Upgrade or call sign change), or Renewal/Modification. The question does not have to be answered if the applicant is filling a renewal only or an administrative update to their license (change of address, name, email, etc.).   Updated 605 instructions

This updated form will be available at our VE Sessions as soon as the supplies arrive from the VEC.  When electronic versions of  NCVEC 605 Form 2017 Sept and the FCC Form 605_september_2017 become available they will be posted on the webpages. Resources/Lincensing Forms (DONE) Out-of-date forms should be disposed of, and out-of-date forms submitted after 7/20/2017 may be subjected to rejection.

From ARRL News: ARRL News, more information

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