Mega VE Session at Cal March 15. UPDATED

VE’s are needed. We expect almost 80 candidates from the EE Department and the Solar Car Department. Candidates must preregister for this session Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge starting about 6:30PM – 10:00PM. Contact Sharon, AA6XZ, if you are available.


On March 15, 2017 there was a VE Session at UC Berkeley.  There were 74 candidates registered, our team of 11 VE’s welcomed 66 candidates, including three upgrades, and 63 new licensees.  62 candidates were successful in getting their initial license.  The three candidates for license upgrades were successful. 65 successful candidates.  The team administered a total of 86 exam elements. The test elements administered (P/F) are; Technician 61/1, General 9/8, and Extra 4/3.  There were 55 new Technician, 6 General, and 4 Extra licenses, awarded. There were students and staff from the Electrical Engineering Department and the Cal Solar Car Team.

Some VE’s on the team drove from Petaluma, Novato, and San Francisco.

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