Board Member Nominations Are Open COMPLETED


The nominations are open for the Board of Directors for 2018.  See: Our By-Laws [Article 13, Section 11], for further information on how to nominate a member. Contact Us at:, to make your nomination. Or bring the nomination to the November Membership Meeting.

At the November 01 General Membership two Board of Directors candidates were nominated.  Because we amended the By-Laws, there are three (3) positions open.  The candidates will be: (listed in alphabetical order by last name) [incumbents are indicated]

Kris Backensotse, N5HIT,  incumbent

John Boyd, KE6ORI

David Chaney, AA6AE,  incumbent

Steve Smith, WA1TOV

Tom Soskin, W6MTS,  incumbent

Edwin Jamie Taylor, KK6OLF



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