Guest Speaker Schedule

Updated: 02/03/2018
All Presentations are Scheduled to Coincide with General Meeting Dates

March 02, 2018 – TBD

Presentations 2018:
02/02/18 – Our own Jamie Taylor, KK6OLF spoke on Digital Communications.

Presentations 2017:

1/06/17 – We had a guest speaker for the Friday January 6th meeting.   Steve Wilson, W6SDY, presented on Direction Finding Methodologies and eccentric uses for AM broadcast receivers.

2/03/17 – Dr. Uhrhammer, WA6VEX, presented on earthquake early warning. He was research seismologist with the UCB Seismology Lab and is now retired after 30 years with the Working Group for California Earthquake Probabilities and the California Integrated Seismic Network. He updated us on earthquake prediction and preparedness.

3/03/17 – Bill Buzzbee presented on his homebuilt 16-bit computer and rebuilding a teletype.

4/07/17 – Our own Rob Rowlands, NZ6J, presented on Software Defined Radio (SDR).

5/05/17 – Leighton Hills presented on West Marin WISP (Getting Internet to Muir Beach & West Marin).

6/02/17 – Michelle Paquette  presented on Antenna Basic Principals.


8/04/17 – Our own Alan Bowker, WA6DNR, presented on current operating availilities for working ham radio satellites.

9/01/17 – Richard Dillman, W6AWO, president and co-founder of the Maritime Radio Historical Society, presented on emergency communications and the West Marin Disaster Council. Richard designed and built the repeater system for the Council and has been active in emergency communication is West Marin for many years.

10/06/17 – Jim Emrich, N6UHU, presented on Coast Guard Radio, Guam – NRV.

11/03/17 – Mel Hendrickson presented on his book Questions and Answers About Repairing Old Radios and Old Tube Equipment.

12/06/17 – Our annual Holiday Party will be our December General Membership Meeting. 17:30 – 21:30  No presentation in December. We charge a fee to attend our Holiday Party, which includes dinner and door prizes.  Paid members and guests are welcome. PLEASE RSVP to if you are coming.

2018 Presentions:

January 05, 2018 – Richard Dillman  presented on Radio Spy Gear.


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