Zero Breast Cancer’s Dipsea Hike

Updated: 08/07/2017
Map (2013) / Course Description: Dipsea Hike For Zero Breast Cancer , a six mile fundraising trail hike on trails on Mt. Tamalpais. The event begins and ends at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley; there are two checkpoints on the hike, the Tourist Club, and Mtn. Home Inn.
Map:(2016) 2016 ZBC Map
NOTE: TICK BLOOM – We were informed of a ‘tick bloom’ on Mt. Tam, in April. If your assignment takes anywhere where you might be at risk, PLEASE TAKE PRECAUTIONS! Ticks in our area carry Lyme Disease.
Date: Saturday, September 23, 2017
Website: ZBC Annual Dipsea Hike
Activity Description: Communications support for Dipsea Hike For Zero Breast Cancer , a six mile fundraising trail hike on trails on Mt. Tamalpais. The event begins and ends at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley.
What will be expected: You will arrive at your assigned location at your assigned time. See duty assignments for your time. You will check in with net control and report your status. You will identify yourself to the event personnel at your site. You may expect to relay messages between the event personnel and the start. You may be asked to render assistance to the event personnel. Some operators may be asked to sweep participants from the course or be asked to ride with event personnel while they are sweeping. You will be released by net control depending on your location.  Please supply your t-shirt size, when signing up.
Click on Link to View ZBC Dipsea Hike Stations
MARS Organizer: Randy Jenkins, KA6BQF
Pre-event Briefing: Thursday, September 21, 2017, 19:30 on the 146.700MHz repeater.
Please send after-event comments to: DEBRIEF
Suggested Duty Assignments:
2017 Suggested Assignment V3 / Location / Tactical
Suggested Assignments V3 T-shirt Size Operator Call Sign Start Time Finish Time
Start / Finish / Old Mill Park, Mill Valley / Net Control 3XL  Doug Slusher  KF6AKU  07:30  13:30
XL  Randy Jenkins  KA6BQF  07:30  13:30
M  Michael Fischer  K6MLF  10:45  13:30
Windy Gap  Michael Fischer  K6MLF  08:00  10:30
3XL  Brett Stewart  K6BPS  08:00  10:30
Tourist Club – Two Miles - Junction of Redwood & Sun Trails L Texx Woodworth KG6ATH  09:00  11:30
L  Skip Fedanzo  KJ6ARL  09:00  11:30
M  Ann Shores  KM6EVK  09:00  11:30
Mountain Home Inn (Aid Station at the Gate Across the Road) XL  Stanton Gleason  KD6SWU  09:30  13:00
L  Judi
Radio Hiker 1 L Rob Rowlands  NZ6J  09:00  13:30


Primary Frequency: (VHF) 147.33 MHz Mt. Tam West Peak - PL 179.9
Secondary Frequency: (UHF) 443.250 MHz Mt. Tam – PL 179.9
Tactical:  147.555 S

To sign up as a radio volunteer for this event please send an email with your preferred assignment and the times you are available to: Michael  or Randy

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