San Francisco Marathon

Map / Course Description:
Date: Sunday July 23, 2017 05:30
Lead Amateur Radio Club:  San Francisco Radio Club Contact: Nick Powell, NF1P 
Activity Description: Communications support for the San Francisco Marathon, a 26 mile run through city streets in San Francisco.
What will be expected: This is not a Marin ARS controlled event.  You will arrive at your assigned location at your assigned time. See duty assignments for your time. You will check in with net control and report your status. You will identify yourself to the event personnel at your site. You may expect to relay messages between the event personnel and the start. You may be asked to render assistance to the event personnel. Some operators may be asked to sweep participants from the course or be asked to ride with event personnel while they are sweeping. You will be released by net control depending on your location.
Duty Assignments:
Volunteer Positions
Assignment Duties
Aid/Water Stations (12 locations) – Communications for Medical Team Personnel
  1. relaying event participant details to Net Control for aid guidance
  2. requesting event participant transport
  3. requesting supply replenishment
SAG Vehicle (3 vehicles) – Communicator and Navigator for Driver
  1. maintain communications with Net Control, accepting and confirming dispatch requests, and updating on status and location
  2. aid driver in efficient navigation to and between destinations
Net Control (1 net control; 1 relay station)
  • Net Control Operator (two)
  • Scribe (two)
  • Relief
Primary Frequency:
Secondary Frequency:

To sign up as a radio volunteer for this event please send an email including your Name, Callsign, First and second assignment choices, Contact information: email and telephone (cellular preferred) and indicate any special needs or limitations to:  Nick Powell NF1P

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