MS Waves to Wine

Bike MSBike MS: Waves to Wine Ride 2016

Event Dates: Saturday, September 23 & Sunday, September 24, 2017
Sponsor Website:
Lead Amateur Radio Club : Sonoma County Radio Amateurs   To volunteer contact:
Supporting Amateur Radio Club(s) : Sonoma County Radio Amateurs
Activity Description: Communications support / sag support for MS Waves to Wine a two-day bicycle event that runs from San Francisco to Sonoma County.
Volunteers Needed: 9 to 12 for fixed locations, 5 to 11 sag drivers or communicators
What will be expected: Arrive at your location and set-up by the assigned time. Check in with Net Control. Pass traffic including first cyclists to arrive, supply requests, sag requests, sag vehicle arrivals, and departure of final cyclists and sweep vehicles. Check out with Net Control on departure. Sag drivers and communicators patrol their assigned portions of the course, assisting cyclists with flat tires or mechanical problems. Cyclists may be needed to be transported back to start – finish. Maintain communication with Net Control. This is not a Marin ARS sponsored event.  Please supply your t-shirt size, when signing up.
Assignments Available:
Net Control -
Net Control -
Net Control -
Net Control -
 Rest Stop -
 Rest Stop -
 Rest Stop -
Rest Stop -
Rest Stop -
Sag Ride-Along Communicator – Contact Sag Coordinator for times: Various Shifts Available -
Sag Driver / Communicator – Contact Sag Coordinator for times: Various Shifts Available -
North Course
Middle Course
South Course
South / West Course
Local Tactical


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