Christmas Party Date Set – December 06

The Board of Director’s approved setting the Christmas (Holiday) Party date for Wednesday, December 06, 2017.
Planned Menu:    To Be Determined

Membership in MARS is not required to attend this event.  You may be encouraged to join.   Reserve your space at: RSVP@W6SG.NET. 

Join us! Cost: $25.00 per person;  $30.00 at-the-doorAll are welcome!
Reserve your space at: RSVP@W6SG.NET.  Please RSVP to:   All reservations made by 11/30!  (We need to update the caterer to have enough food.)
Pay Online (PayPal) at: Christmas Dinner : On the PayPal page click on the add-to-cart button. (1 works, 2 does not) You may edit the number of attendees in the cart.

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UPDATE: New “Amateur Radio Parity Act” in US Senate

Dear ARRL Pacific Division Members,

Many of you have seen that the Amateur Radio Parity Act has been
introduced in the U.S. Senate as S.1534, and has been referred to
committee for review.  This is wonderful news following the unanimous
passage of H.R.555 in the House of Representatives this past January.
Vice Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT, and I recently returned from the July
ARRL board meeting at headquarters in Connecticut.  There we learned
that an estimated 90% of all new housing in the U.S. contains covenants,
with the majority of those having boilerplate antenna restrictions.
This means that as housing expands, Amateur Radio will face increasing

It is important to realize that H.R.555/S.1534 is a bill resulting from
negotiations between ARRL and the Community Associations Institute
(CAI), both of whom have approved the wording of the bill.   Some have
questioned whether this bill goes far enough to favor Amateur Radio.  It
does!  At this time, deed-restricted neighborhoods have the authority to
absolutely deny outside antenna installations, with no recourse.  This
bill will guarantee the right of an amateur radio operator to have an
effective outdoor antenna.  It is time for ALL of us to come together,
and get this important bill passed!

We are now the closest we have ever been to obtaining antenna relief in
deed-restricted neighborhoods.  If passed and enacted, the Amateur Radio
Parity Act will be the most important piece of Amateur Radio legislation
since the FCCs 1985 PRB-1 regulation.  That’s over 30 years, or an
entire generation, of no added antenna relief.  To make S.1534 pass,
however, we need your help again.  Below is a hyperlink to an app called
RALLY CONGRESS.  By clicking on the link (or copying and pasting in your
browser) and completing some contact information, within two minutes you
will generate a letter that will let both of your respective U.S.
senators know that you want them to vote for this bill. Time is critical
as we expect the bill to be heard before committee soon, and if passed
in committee, it could go to the floor of the senate for a vote within a
matter of weeks.  Please take a moment NOW to click on the hyperlink and
share with your senators your support for S.1534, the Amateur Radio
Parity Act.  Thank you.

ARRL Rally Congress –

I just completed and sent my letter inside of 60 seconds.  Please take a
minute and do so also!

73, Bob W6RGG

ARRL Pacific Division
Director: Robert B Vallio, W6RGG

Original News Post 1/17/17

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2017 Guest Speaker Schedule

Updated: 10/14/2017
All Presentations are Scheduled to Coincide with General Meeting Dates
2017 Scheduled Upcoming Presentations:

11/03/17 – Mel Hendrickson is scheduled to present on his book Questions and Answers About Repairing Old Radios and Old Tube Equipment. PLEASE RSVP to if you are coming to the pre-meeting dinner.

December 06, 2017 Our annual Holiday Party will be our December General Membership Meeting.  No presentation in December. We charge a fee to attend our Holiday Party, which includes dinner and door prizes.  Paid members and guests are welcome. PLEASE RSVP to if you are coming.

Presentations this year:

1/06/17 – We had a guest speaker for the Friday January 6th meeting.   Steve Wilson, W6SDY, presented on Direction Finding Methodologies and eccentric uses for AM broadcast receivers.

2/03/17 – Dr. Uhrhammer, WA6VEX, presented on earthquake early warning. He was research seismologist with the UCB Seismology Lab and is now retired after 30 years with the Working Group for California Earthquake Probabilities and the California Integrated Seismic Network. He updated us on earthquake prediction and preparedness.

3/03/17 – Bill Buzzbee presented on his homebuilt 16-bit computer and rebuilding a teletype.

4/07/17 – Our own Rob Rowlands, NZ6J, presented on Software Defined Radio (SDR).

5/05/17 – Leighton Hills presented on West Marin WISP (Getting Internet to Muir Beach & West Marin).

6/02/17 – Michelle Paquette  presented on Antenna Basic Principals.


8/04/17 – Our own Alan Bowker, WA6DNR, presented on current operating availilities for working ham radio satellites.

9/01/17 – Richard Dillman, W6AWO, president and co-founder of the Maritime Radio Historical Society, presented on emergency communications and the West Marin Disaster Council. Richard designed and built the repeater system for the Council and has been active in emergency communication is West Marin for many years.

10/06/17 – Jim Emrich, N6UHU, presented on Coast Guard Radio, Guam – NRV.

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Next Monthly Meeting Date

Updated: 10/12/2017

The next regular monthly meeting of the Marin Amateur Radio Society will be Friday, November 03, 2017, and will be held at the Alto Clubhouse. We have speaker scheduled.  *** Please RSVP to: if you plan to attend the pre-meeting dinner, so we have enough food. (Meetings are normally held on the first Friday 7:30 PM, monthly; except July and December.) See: Guest Speaker, for more information for speakers at our meetings.   The Board of Director’s approved setting the Christmas (Holiday) Party date for Wednesday, December 06, 2017.

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 09, 2017, 7:30PM, at the Alto Clubhouse.  Members and guests are welcomed.  (Normally held the second Thursday 7:30 PM, monthly.)

There is an informal get together at the Alto Clubhouse, weekly on most Sunday mornings; 08:30 – 11:30ish.  If there is a holiday that falls on Sunday, sometimes no one opens up the clubhouse.  The CW practice group and the repair group meet Sundays at the Clubhouse around 10:00am.

The HF Sunday Morning Net is scheduled at 09:00 am, the VHF Sunday Morning Net is scheduled at 10:15 am. See: Nets for more information.

There is a Technician Class starting on Date September 06, 2017.   More details or sign-up at: MARS Education Page

(Directions to the ClubhouseMARS Alto Clubhouse

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Our New Website is Here!

If you are seeing this, it means our new website is live!  Take a look around.  Is there something missing?  Is something not working quite right?  Use the new contact form to send us feedback.  This is a work in progress, so be patient, but let us know what you think.

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Next Exam Date: August 12, 2017

Interested in getting your license, or upgrading your current license?  Exams will be administered at the MARS clubhouse on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 09:00 (9 AM).  (sorry, exams only, no instruction).  Click here for more information.

Last Updated: 06/19/17

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Board Member Nominations Are Open

The nominations are open for the Board of Directors for 2018.  See: Our By-Laws [Article 13, Section 11], for further information on how to nominate a member. Contact Us at:, to make your nomination. Or bring the nomination to the November Membership Meeting.

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Password Changed

Our Membership Chair, Curtis, has changed the password  to the restricted-to-members parts of  our website.  (Roster & Club Logo Merchandise)  Look for an e-mail from Curtis (QSA-5 Mailing List), or contact us.    Randy

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ARLS009 FalconSAT-3 Now Open for Amateur Radio Use

Space Bulletin 009  ARLS009
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington, CT  September 26, 2017
To all radio amateurs

ARLS009 FalconSAT-3 Now Open for Amateur Radio Use

The Air Force Academy satellite FalconSAT-3 is now open for Amateur
Radio use as a digital store-and-forward system. Built in 2005 and
2006 by cadets and faculty in the Space Systems Research Center at
the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, FalconSAT-3 was
launched in 2007.

The satellite has completed its scientific and training missions,
and the Academy now is making it available for Amateur Radio use.
The Packet Bulletin Board System operates at 9600 baud with a
145.840 MHz uplink/435.103 MHz downlink. Output power is 1 W, and
the downlink is continuously on. Digipeating is enabled for live
QSOs, but unattended digipeating operation is not authorized at this

Additional information is available on the AMSAT website at, .

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From ARRL President: Relief Efforts Need Your Help

Monday, September 25, 2017 

Dear ARRL Member:

There are few times when I have needed to reach out directly to you for your help. This is one of those times.

The American Red Cross (ARC) has asked ARRL for assistance with relief efforts in Puerto Rico. In the nearly 75-year relationship between ARRL and ARC, this is the first time ARC has made a request for assistance on this scale. Hurricane Maria has devastated the island’s communications infrastructure. Without electricity and telephone, and with most of the cell sites out of service, millions of people are cut off from communicating. Shelters are unable to reach local emergency services and people cannot check on the welfare of their loved ones. The situation is dire.

How can you help?

1)    Volunteer. ARC needs up to 50 radio amateurs who can help record, enter, and submit disaster-survivor information into the ARC Safe and Well system. There are very specific requirements and qualifications needed for this deployment; for instance, familiarity with Winlink, an Amateur Radio license of General class or higher, and previous experience in disaster response. Deployment will be for up to 3 weeks (at ARC expense). If you would like to be considered for deployment, please complete the following online ARRL form, which asks for your qualifications and skills: Volunteer Deployment Form

2)    Donate to Ham Aid. ARRL’s Ham Aid program loans Amateur Radio equipment kits to established Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) groups and partner agencies during disaster response, in order to establish Amateur Radio communications support. Ham Aid is supported by donations from individuals and corporations – including many of our ham radio industry partners. ARRL has previously staged Ham Aid equipment in Texas, and in the last few weeks, we have supplied kits in Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Our supply of Ham Aid kits has been rapidly depleted. Your donation to Ham Aid will help us now. Your contributions to Ham Aid are 100% tax deductible. To make a donation online, go to: and select “Ham Aid” from the ARRL donation form. To donate by mail, print a donation form, and mail it with your check payable to ARRL, noting “Ham Aid” on the memo line of your check; mail to ARRL, 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111 USA.

It has been four weeks since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. In little over a month, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have left paths of destruction and catastrophic flooding that will impact the lives of people throughout the southeast U.S. and Caribbean for years to come. Throughout these disasters, our trained ham radio volunteers, and especially those in coordinating roles, have helped us meet the requests of our partner agencies and organizations. To all ham radio operators who have been on alert, activated, deployed, or donated, THANK YOU. We are grateful for your service and for your generosity.

Rick Roderick, K5UR
ARRL President

This e-mail was sent by ARRL, and contains timely information of importance to all radio amateurs. It was sent by ARRL to current members. Your email address was not shared with any third party.

ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®
225 Main Street, Newington CT 06111-1494 USA

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Reminder for Radio Amateurs Traveling to Hurricane Stricken Areas

As requests are received asking for Amateurs to travel to the areas
affected by Hurricane Irma, ARRL officials are reminded that to be
covered under the Volunteer Protection Act or the MOU with the American
Red Cross, the requests for volunteers must be submitted through the
established ARRL/ARES channels.
Volunteers wishing to offer their services in disaster relief need to go
through the proper established channels.
Any self-deployment or requests made outside of the established channels
are not covered under ARRL’s agreements and may not be subject to the
provisions of the Volunteer Protection Act.

Dan Henderson, N1ND
Assistant Secretary, the American Radio Relay League, Inc.
Regulatory Information Manager
ARRL – the national association for Amateur Radio
Phone: 860-594-0236

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Pacificon 17

More details at: PACIFICON 2017

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NCVEC Form 605 & FCC Form 605 Will Be Updated


The form NCVEC 605 and FCC form 605 will be updated (Federal requirement) to include a statement (check box) that the applicant has never been convicted of any felony.

VE Teams should dispose of (throw away or recycle) all previous versions on or after August 20, 2017; do not return them to ARRL VEC. Current NCVEC 605 Form Updated 2017 (Must be used after 8/21/2017).

If the answer to the basic qualification question (felony question) is ‘YES’,  submit as an exhibit a statement explaining the circumstances. The application will be off-lined (held) for a basic qualification review which FCC already does for other radio license services. The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s Mobility Division stated that the fact that an applicant answers ‘YES’ doesn’t mean they will be denied a license.  Applicant Info Qualification Question 2017

Furthermore, applicants are required to answer the question only if they are filing NCVEC Form 605 or FCC Form 605 for one of the following purposes indicated: New, Amendment, Modification (Upgrade or call sign change), or Renewal/Modification. The question does not have to be answered if the applicant is filling a renewal only or an administrative update to their license (change of address, name, email, etc.).   Updated 605 instructions

This updated form will be available at our VE Sessions as soon as the supplies arrive from the VEC.  When electronic versions of  NCVEC 605 Form 2017 Sept and the FCC Form 605_september_2017 become available they will be posted on the webpages. Resources/Lincensing Forms (DONE) Out-of-date forms should be disposed of, and out-of-date forms submitted after 7/20/2017 may be subjected to rejection.

From ARRL News: ARRL News, more information

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EBARC Speaker Friday August 11th, 7:30pm

When: Friday August 11th, 7:30pm PDT
Where: El Sobrante Library – Contra Costa County Library, 4191 Appian Way, El Sobrante, CA 94803, USA
Speaker: Rich Holoch, KY6R
Topic: u.RAT – the Universal Remote Antenna Tuner
IS LISTED AS Calendar Event (Non-MARS EBARC Meeting)
Go To: EBARC Current Events  ( , for more details.

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