Guest Speaker Schedule

Updated: 02/03/2018
All Presentations are Scheduled to Coincide with General Meeting Dates

March 02, 2018 – TBD

Presentations 2018:
02/02/18 – Our own Jamie Taylor, KK6OLF spoke on Digital Communications.

Presentations 2017:

1/06/17 – We had a guest speaker for the Friday January 6th meeting.   Steve Wilson, W6SDY, presented on Direction Finding Methodologies and eccentric uses for AM broadcast receivers.

2/03/17 – Dr. Uhrhammer, WA6VEX, presented on earthquake early warning. He was research seismologist with the UCB Seismology Lab and is now retired after 30 years with the Working Group for California Earthquake Probabilities and the California Integrated Seismic Network. He updated us on earthquake prediction and preparedness.

3/03/17 – Bill Buzzbee presented on his homebuilt 16-bit computer and rebuilding a teletype.

4/07/17 – Our own Rob Rowlands, NZ6J, presented on Software Defined Radio (SDR).

5/05/17 – Leighton Hills presented on West Marin WISP (Getting Internet to Muir Beach & West Marin).

6/02/17 – Michelle Paquette  presented on Antenna Basic Principals.


8/04/17 – Our own Alan Bowker, WA6DNR, presented on current operating availilities for working ham radio satellites.

9/01/17 – Richard Dillman, W6AWO, president and co-founder of the Maritime Radio Historical Society, presented on emergency communications and the West Marin Disaster Council. Richard designed and built the repeater system for the Council and has been active in emergency communication is West Marin for many years.

10/06/17 – Jim Emrich, N6UHU, presented on Coast Guard Radio, Guam – NRV.

11/03/17 – Mel Hendrickson presented on his book Questions and Answers About Repairing Old Radios and Old Tube Equipment.

12/06/17 – Our annual Holiday Party will be our December General Membership Meeting. 17:30 – 21:30  No presentation in December. We charge a fee to attend our Holiday Party, which includes dinner and door prizes.  Paid members and guests are welcome. PLEASE RSVP to if you are coming.

2018 Presentions:

January 05, 2018 – Richard Dillman  presented on Radio Spy Gear.


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Next Monthly Meeting Date

Updated: 02/03/2018

The next regular monthly meeting of the Marin Amateur Radio Society will be Friday, March 02, 2018, and will be held at the Alto Clubhouse, at 19:30.  No speaker has been scheduled. *** Please RSVP to: if you plan to attend the pre-meeting dinner, so we have enough food. ***  (Meetings are normally held on the first Friday 7:30 PM, monthly; except July and December.) See: Guest Speaker, for more information for speakers at our meetings.

The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 08, 2018, 7:30PM, at the Alto Clubhouse.  Members and guests are welcomed.  (Normally held the second Thursday 7:30 PM, monthly.)

There is an informal get together at the Alto Clubhouse, weekly on most Sunday mornings; 08:30 – 11:30ish.  If there is a holiday that falls on Sunday, sometimes no one opens up the clubhouse.  The CW practice group and the repair group meet Sundays at the Clubhouse around 10:00am.

The HF Sunday Morning Net is scheduled at 09:00 am on 3915 kHz Lower Side Band (LSB), the VHF Sunday Morning Net is scheduled at 10:15 am, on the simulcast system (146.700 MHz). See: Nets for more information.

There is a Technician Class starting on Date September 05, 2018.   More details or sign-up at: MARS Education Page

(Directions to the ClubhouseMARS Alto Clubhouse

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Our New Website is Here!

If you are seeing this, it means our new website is live!  Take a look around.  Is there something missing?  Is something not working quite right?  Use the new contact form to send us feedback.  This is a work in progress, so be patient, but let us know what you think.

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Next Exam Date: March 18, 2018

Interested in getting your license, or upgrading your current license?  Exams will be administered at the MARS clubhouse on Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 13:00 (1 PM).  (sorry, exams only, no instruction).  Click here for more information.

Last Updated: 11/30/17

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ARLS003 Fox-1D (AO-92) Now Commissioned, Open for Amateur Use

From ARRL:

AMSAT Vice President-Operations Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA, has
declared that Fox-1D (AO-92) is now open for general Amateur Radio
use. That word followed an announcement from AMSAT Vice
President-Engineering Jerry Buxton, N0JY, that AO-92 had been
commissioned and formally turned over to AMSAT Operations.

Initially, the U/v FM transponder will be open continuously for 1
week. After that, operation will be shared among the U/v FM
transponder, L-Band Downshifter, Virginia Tech Camera, and the
University of Iowa’s High Energy Radiation CubeSat Instrument

AMSAT News Service, AMSAT-BB, AMSAT’s Twitter account (@AMSAT), the
AMSAT-NA Facebook group, and the AMSAT website
( will report any

AO-92 was launched from India on January 12. For the past 2 weeks,
the AMSAT Engineering and Operations teams have been testing the
various modes and experiments on board. Testing has shown that both
the U/v FM transponder and L-Band Downshifter are working well. The
Virginia Tech camera has returned photos of Earth and data from
HERCI has been successfully downlinked.

AMSAT thanked the 178 stations around the world that used FoxTelem
to collect telemetry and experiment data from AO-92 during the
commissioning process.

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Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, Appointed ARRL Pacific Division Vice Director

From ARRL:

Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, of Fremont, California, has been appointed
Pacific Division Vice Director, ARRL President Rick Roderick, K5UR,
has announced. The appointment came upon the recommendation of
Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT, who succeeded long-time Pacific
Division Director Bob Vallio, W6RGG, upon Vallio’s election as ARRL
Second Vice President.

McIntyre, who has served as ARRL Technical Coordinator for the East
Bay Section, says on her profile that she’s been interested
in radio since she was about 5 years old. She got her Technician
ticket in the late 1970s while a student at Massachusetts Institute
of Technology. After letting her license expire, she re-licensed and
obtained her Amateur Extra license.

She also is licensed in Japan, her second home, as JI1IZZ. McIntyre
is president of the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Club and is a senior
software engineer at Apple.

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NCVEC Releases New Technician License Question Pool into the Public Domain

From ARRL:

The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC)
has announced the release of the 2018-2022 Amateur Radio Element 2
Technician class license question pool into the public domain. Each
question pool must be published and made available to the public
prior to its use as a question set, from which individual
examinations are developed.

Alert the NCVEC Question Pool Committee to any necessary corrections
or typographical errors via email at, .

The new Technician license question pool contains 428 questions. It
will become effective for all Technician class license examinations
starting on July 1, 2018.

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W1AW Winter 2018 Operation Schedule

ARLB001 W1AW 2018 Winter Operating Schedule

Morning Schedule:

Time                  Mode     Days
——————-   —-     ———
1400 UTC (9 AM EST)   CWs      Wed, Fri
1400 UTC (9 AM EST)   CWf      Tue, Thu

Daily Visitor Operating Hours:

1500 UTC to 1700 UTC – (10 AM to 12 PM EST)
1800 UTC to 2045 UTC – (1 PM to 3:45 PM EST)

(Station closed 1700 to 1800 UTC (12 PM to 1 PM EST))

Afternoon/Evening Schedule:

2100 UTC (4 PM EST)    CWf      Mon, Wed, Fri
2100  ”      ”         CWs      Tue, Thu
2200  ”  (5 PM EST)    CWb      Daily
2300  ”  (6 PM EST)    DIGITAL  Daily
0000  ”  (7 PM EST)    CWs      Mon, Wed, Fri
0000  ”      ”         CWf      Tue, Thu
0100  ”  (8 PM EST)    CWb      Daily
0200  ”  (9 PM EST)    DIGITAL  Daily
0245  ”  (9:45 PM EST) VOICE    Daily
0300  ”  (10 PM EST)   CWf      Mon, Wed, Fri
0300  ”      ”         CWs      Tue, Thu
0400  ”  (11 PM EST)   CWb      Daily

                         Frequencies (MHz)
CW: 1.8025 3.5815 7.0475 14.0475 18.0975 21.0675 28.0675 50.350 147.555
DIGITAL: – 3.5975 7.095 14.095 18.1025 21.095 28.095 50.350 147.555
VOICE: 1.855 3.990 7.290 14.290 18.160 21.390 28.590 50.350 147.555


CWs = Morse Code practice (slow) = 5, 7.5, 10, 13 and 15 WPM
CWf = Morse Code practice (fast) = 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 13 and 10 WPM
CWb = Morse Code Bulletins = 18 WPM

CW frequencies include code practices, Qualifying Runs and CW

DIGITAL = BAUDOT (45.45 baud), BPSK31 and MFSK16 in a revolving

Code practice texts are from QST, and the source of each practice is
given at the beginning of each practice and at the beginning of
alternate speeds.

On Tuesdays and Fridays at 2330 UTC (6:30 PM EST), Keplerian
Elements for active amateur satellites are sent on the regular
digital frequencies.

A DX bulletin replaces or is added to the regular bulletins between
0100 UTC (8 PM EST) Thursdays and 0100 UTC (8 PM EST) Fridays.

Audio from W1AW’s CW code practices, CW/digital bulletins and phone
bulletin is available using EchoLink via the W1AW Conference Server
named “W1AWBDCT.”  The monthly W1AW Qualifying Runs are presented
here as well.  The audio is sent in real-time and runs concurrently
with W1AW’s regular transmission schedule.

All users who connect to the conference server are muted.  Please
note that any questions or comments about this server should not be
sent via the “Text” window in EchoLink. Please direct any questions
or comments to

In a communications emergency, monitor W1AW for special bulletins as
follows: Voice on the hour, Digital at 15 minutes past the hour, and
CW on the half hour.

All licensed amateurs may operate the station from 1500 UTC to 1700
UTC (10 AM to 12 PM EST), and then from 1800 UTC to 2045 UTC (1 PM
to 3:45 PM EST) Monday through Friday.  Be sure to bring your
current FCC amateur radio license or a photocopy.

The W1AW Operating Schedule may also be found on page 90 in the
January 2018 issue of QST or on the web at, .

Please note W1AW is now active on 50.350 MHz for all its CW
practice, and CW, digital, and phone bulletins.

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FCC Seeks Comments on Technological Advisory Council Recommendations

ARRL Bulletin 25  ARLB025
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  December 5, 2017
To all radio amateurs

ARLB025 FCC Seeks Comments on Technological Advisory Council

In a Public Notice released on December 1, the FCC’s Office of
Engineering and Technology (OET) has invited comments by January 31,
2018, on a wide-ranging series of Technological Advisory Council
(TAC) recommendations that, if implemented, could alter the spectrum
policy regulatory landscape – especially with respect to
interference resolution and enforcement. An advisory body, the TAC’s
membership includes several Amateur Radio licensees. ARRL will file
comments in the proceeding, ET Docket 17-340.

The Public Notice is in PDF format on the web at,

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ARLS015 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launched Successfully, Designated AO-91

Space Bulletin 015  ARLS015
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington, CT  November 20, 2017
To all radio amateurs

ARLS015 RadFxSat (Fox-1B) Launched Successfully, Designated AO-91

The latest CubeSat in the Fox series – RadFxSat (Fox-1B) – launched
November 18 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  The Delta
II vehicle lifted off at 0948 UTC.

“Following a picture-perfect launch, RadFxSat was deployed at 1109
UTC,” AMSAT reported. “Then the wait began. At 1212 UTC, the AMSAT
Engineering team, watching ZR6AIC’s WebSDR waterfall, saw the
characteristic ‘Fox Tail’ of the Fox-1 series FM transmitter,
confirming that the satellite was alive and transmitting over South
Africa. Shortly after 1234 UTC, the first telemetry was received and
uploaded to AMSAT servers by Maurizio Balducci, IV3RYQ, in Italy.
Initial telemetry confirmed that the satellite was healthy.”

In the wake of the successful launch, deployment, and reception,
OSCAR Number Administrator Bill Tynan, W3XO, designated the new
satellite as AMSAT-OSCAR 91 (AO-91).

AMSAT Engineering reminds stations that the satellite will not be
available for general use until the on-orbit checkouts are complete.
AMSAT asks listeners to submit telemetry from RadFxSat (Fox-1B) to
assist the Engineering team in completing the commissioning process.
Experiment telemetry is downlinked via the DUV sub-audible telemetry
stream, which can be decoded using FoxTelem software, available
online at, .

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Congratulations to the Fall Technician Class

Congratulations to the Fall Technician Class, who got the following licenses. They are also members.

Edward J Achtner – Technician – KM6OEJ

Anne-Marie M Cowsill – Technician – KM6OEK

Peter E Gilmore – Technician – KM6OEL

Steve C Ira – Technician – KM6OEM

Teodorico S Ira – Techincian – KM6OEN

Jeremy M Shaw – Amatuer Extra – AJ6AC

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Board of Directors Election

At the November 01 General Membership two Board of Directors candidates were nominated.  The candidates were nominated; including the slate nominated by the Nominating Committee are: (listed in alphabetical order by last name) [incumbents are indicated]

Kris Backensotse, N5HIT,  incumbent

John Boyd, KE6ORI

David Chaney, AA6AE,  incumbent


Tom Soskin, W6MTS,  incumbent

Edwin Jamie Taylor, KK6OLF

Once the Board has approved the slate of candidates, Doug will send out an email, with a link to vote for the candidates.  VOTE EARLY!  We want to announce the winners at the Christmas Party. DOUG HAS SENT OUT THE ELECTION!

Because we amended the By-Laws, there are three (3) positions open.  The candidates will be: (listed in alphabetical order by last name) [incumbents are indicated]  The Incumbents were re-elected. Updated: 12/07/17.

Kris Backensotse, N5HIT,  incumbent

John Boyd, KE6ORI

David Chaney, AA6AE,  incumbent

Tom Soskin, W6MTS,  incumbent

Edwin Jamie Taylor, KK6OLF

Board Member Terms

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Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday 11/05

Fall back, Sunday, November 05, 2017!   Set your clocks back one hour, Saturday night, before you go bed; the time changes at 2AM Sunday, set back the clock one hour to 1AM.

The Sunday Morning Nets, move back, Sunday.

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Board Member Nominations Are Open COMPLETED


The nominations are open for the Board of Directors for 2018.  See: Our By-Laws [Article 13, Section 11], for further information on how to nominate a member. Contact Us at:, to make your nomination. Or bring the nomination to the November Membership Meeting.

At the November 01 General Membership two Board of Directors candidates were nominated.  Because we amended the By-Laws, there are three (3) positions open.  The candidates will be: (listed in alphabetical order by last name) [incumbents are indicated]

Kris Backensotse, N5HIT,  incumbent

John Boyd, KE6ORI

David Chaney, AA6AE,  incumbent

Steve Smith, WA1TOV

Tom Soskin, W6MTS,  incumbent

Edwin Jamie Taylor, KK6OLF



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