Technician License Class

The Technician Class Amateur Radio License is the current entry-level amateur radio license issued by the FCC, and is available to all legal US residents, with the exception of representatives of foreign governments. See FCC Part 97 rules.

The Technician Class License (Element 2) is the license class that must be held by returning former licensees, in order to claim any Exam Element Credit . You can pass the Element 2 exam , and claim an Exam Element Credit , on the same application. The VEC and FCC will research a claimed credit, based the proof submitted with your application. Click on: Exam Element Credit for more information. It is NOT an instant restoration of privileges.

Candidates must pass a 35 multiple-question examination, administered by Volunteer Examiners. Passing the Element 2 (Technician) exam is a prerequisite to be issued a new FCC issued Amateur license, or to former licensees who wish to claim any Exam Element Credit, based on their previously licensed status. Subjects covered include basic electrical theory, Basic radio wave and propagation theory, operating practices, FCC rules and regulations, and safety. There is NO Morse Code requirement. VE-TEST

We normally run seven sessions that will run about two hours and we cover the material on the Element 2 examination. Our text is The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual. If you want to obtain your first Amateur Radio License; are a former licensee returning to the hobby; or have a current license, but want to review your knowledge; we would welcome you.

Because this class will cover the material quickly, all students must have full access to the textbook, and will be expected to read and be prepared the week’s assigned chapter(s) with the discussion leader and the other students.

Technician Class Amateur Radio license class, beginning on Wednesday, September 07, 2016 7:00 -9:00 PM.

We have scheduled a VE session for the class on Wednesday Evening, November 02, 2016 at 7:00PM.

If you take one of our license classes, and pass your examination to obtain a new license grant or upgrade your license, we offer a complementary membership in The Marin Amateur Radio Society for the remaining calendar year. You will receive our e-mailed newsletter.

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